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Kathy Fleischmann - Unresolved, Bent Pussycat Records
A former alt rock band vocalist, south Florida’s Kathy Fleischmann’s turn as a singer/songwriter is still going strong, exemplified by her latest effort. Her lyrics are brilliant and obviously emanate from various corners of her heart and soul, carried by her voice which takes Joni Mitchell’s blues and injects it with Bjork’s angst. With crafty backdrops of folk, rock and bare bones acoustic guitar, Kathy shows that she deserves widespread attention. 

-Mark Waterbury from Music Morsels

Kathy Fleischmann's voice can be fiery or angelic, and it sounds sincere (there's that word again!) either way. From the ethereal hush of "Dreaming European" to the angry frustration of "14th Floor" ("God damn you for baiting the hook/And God damn you for my lack of will"), this mostly acoustic set displays Fleischmann's exquisitive voice as well as her keen eye into the human soul.

On the whole, the sparer the arrangements the better the album sounds. "Eyes Like Natalie Wood," aside from being a devilishly good song, gets all the energy it needs from the acoustic guitars that drive it, the knife-in-the-heart lead vocals and, not least, the gorgeous harmonies (from Janine Innamorato and Nicole Mikoleski). "Dreaming European," "Bluer than Chicago" and "Lyrics to a Song" are quiet treasures. Fleischmann has a real gift for melody...

Kathy Fleischmann's "unresolved" is a collection of twelve acoustic tunes telling stories of little slices of life. Kathy wrote all the tracks and was also co-producer. Kathy has the perfect voice for this type of music, I am reminded of Dar Williams. Fleischmannn weaves a web of songs about love, loss, and having the "Eyes Like Natalie Wood."  

-Dennis Halsey - The Best Female Musicians    Read entire review

... On Unresolved, her fourth release, Fleischmann is more like a benevolent Joni Mitchell or Carly Simon. That likeness is best heard on "Where in the World," a heartfelt number with a high-ranging accompanying vocal. Another keeper, "Bluer Than Chicago," is a folky tearjerker that brings to mind her evident roots. Fleischmann's work as a poet and short-story writer comes into play quite often here, as she depicts lovely moments on "Lyrics to a Song," where she sings about the fall, tracing constellations in the sky and Lake Michigan. The country-ish "Travelers" roams with additional anecdotes such as "we are all just travelers, leaving one another behind." For local singer-songwriter fans, this disc shouldn't get left behind.

-Kenyon Hopkin - Long Island Press    Read entire review (sixth review down)

"The songs are EXCELLENT though, some of the best you've written, I think. "5 O' Clock Shadow," "Where in the World," "Bluer Than Chicago," "Lyrics to a Song" and "Closure" are my favorites. "

-Bob Weinberg - City Link Magazine, Florida

"Kathy writes songs that people who know her hope they've written about them...and people who don't know her wish she HAD written about them."

-Mark Snow WOJB-FM

Kathy Fleischmann "Ten Doors Down" (self release)

"This is one hell of a album.  Simply amazing. Kathy covers so many bases,she should sign with our bedraggled Tigers.  Rock, blues, pop, and folk are all showcased here and all perfectly.

Its a rare album that has every single song be a winner but "Ten Doors Down" is a great example of a smartly produced album.  Kathy is a woman to keep a eye on and according to her website,her new album will be out in a couple of months.  Dao yourself a favor and get it, you won't be sorry."

-Here and There Ezine

"One of the most inward-turning of South Florida's female singer-songwriters, Kathy Fleischmann engenders respect from audiences and colleagues of both genders with her moody compositions and low key demeanor.  For every flavor of the month like Sheryl Crow, there are countless Kathy Fleischmanns whose writing and singing cuts right to the bone."

-Bob Weinberg, XS Magazine, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Kathy Fleischmann is a fine vocalist, and her smoky, countrified blues prove you don't have to be a down-and-out fat man to sing about your woes."

-Ian D'Giff, The Long Island Voice, New York

"Weaving her folk and blues tapestry with a tough female attitude, Fleischmann carries her songs on her sleeve with passion."

-Mish Mash Internet Magazine

"In the folk/blooz arena, Kathy has her own unique style and she's able to reach out and make you HEAR that she's there - & vibrant - & alive!"

-Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation, Lacey, Washington

"Fleischmann's not afraid to belt out a stinging emotional line of lyrics, and then take a sharp turn on the acoustic guitar and sing a melodic chorus."

-Splendid E-Zine Internet Magazine

"Music for the intelligently acoustic. All from the soul."

-Voodoo Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida

"10 Doors Down is a must just to hear Kathy Fleischmann's excellent vocals. She has a beautiful voice and she knows how to use it."

-Lory Diaz, The L.I.E., Long Island, New York

"Her third CD, 10 Doors Down, fuses together blues and folk styles while featuring Fleischmann's powerful vocals."

-The Star Ledger, New Jersey

"Fleischmann shone on cuts from her forth-coming acoustic-electric CD, 10 Doors Down. Look for the new album featuring the jaw-dropping elegance of "Like Christ" and "Box of Moonlight" in the near future."

-Jake Cline, City Link, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Kathy Fleischmann is a remarkable songwriter. On her CD, Sympathetic Coffee, she excels on songs like "Pocketful of Change."

-Mike Koretzky, The Scene, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"This woman can sing anything. Take that, Jewel"

- Jennifer Layton,

"She's just damn good."

- B. Cormier and G. Reitz, Musician's Trade Journal, Nashua, New Hampshire