March 1, 2007

Hi- my tonsils have been giving in to this weird weather this winter so I have slowed down performing some. Hope to start again in spring. Meanwhile heard from Mark at Blues Nation and Mike at and, bless their souls, they’re still playing my music on their shows. You can access them on the above links. Also, Mike is planning on putting together a compilation of some artist music (including moi) to promote to radio stations so I’m really excited about that.

The 10th Anniversary Aural Fix party is coming up on March 24th at Mr.

Beery’s. Looking very much forward to that as it is always a lot of fun.

This year, downstairs there will be artwork and other exhibits including a display of some of the photos I’ve taken of local musicians while writing for AF. So I guess you could say, it’s my first photo exhibit!

Hope you’re well- Aretha recommends lots of purring if you’re not.

Love Kathy and Aretha

January 7th, 2007

Hi there! I haven't written anything in a long time so here's an update.

I plan on recording this year finally- I'm thinking of redoing 1 or 2 older songs. Any suggestions?

Mike from the Open Mic Cafe radio program; is going to be playing my music on his show soon. thanks Mike!

I plan on writing alot more for Aural Fix than I have done this past year.

I admire Mike F. for putting so much of his time and money into a magazine that embraces the true indie spirit. These are the publications that count-the grass roots efforts that try to accomplish something rather than the corporate/business bitch/Rolling Stone garbage.

2006 was my midlife crisis year. I hope to get over myself soon.

Hope all of you have been well!

-Kathy and the very rested feline, Aretha.

August 9th, 2006

I'm in Seattle on vaca. Was not able to book any gigs prior because I decided to come here last minute. Weather is wonderful - especially since NY was 100 + degrees when I left. Visited British Columbia and did the requisite Space Needle thing. Hope to get to Vancouver.

I get back next Tuesday - come Fall, I am going to start looking into studios to finaly get another release out before the Republicans all kill us.

Got tickets for X/Rollins Band show for Aug 16. Looking forward to that and hope they let me bring a camera in.

till next time!
love Kathy and Aretha - the very angry cat who would have liked to visit the Northwest as well......

June 4, 2006

I got a nice email from the people at who wrote to let me know that my song, '14th Floor' was chosen again for their "Song of the Day" on Monday June 5th. God bless those Brits.

Played a great new venue last Sunday called Manhattan Theater Source - hope to get back there someday. It happened to be right in the same area as the infamous Vintage Cafe in the West Village. Never did find out what happened to the owner or why he never told me the fucking place was closing. But I digress. It's now called the "Art Cafe". I met the owner, gave him a card and explained what I used to do there - book acoustic showcases once a month - we usually got a good draw - and I would like to do that again if he was interested and I wasn't asking for money. I haven't heard from him. Jesus, it's hard to get a gig lately.

Got my tragus pierced - it itches from time to time but I have wanted to get that done for a while.

Got to go - much work needed on my plan to be the next Mrs. Paul McCartney. Right now, I think a couple of pints of Guiness with some Ruffies slipped in and duct tape might be the best way to go& .. All you need is love,

Kathy and Aretha - Lewis the Cat's latest legal representation.

May 24, 2006

Just read the good news. See below paragraph. Yay!!!!

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer announced a settlement with UMG Recording Inc., ("Universal") the world's largest record label company, to end its pervasive "pay-for-play" practices. Under terms of the settlement, Universal, a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal which owns Island Def Jam, Interscope, Universal Motown Recordings Group, Uni-South, Universal Nashville and Verve, has agreed to stop making payments and providing expensive gifts to radio stations and their employees in return for "airplay" of particular artists' songs.


May 21, 2006

Had a really nice gig at the Vintage Lounge this Friday, booked by Vinny Dimarco. Got to gig with my buddy, Patti Morrone and see some nice people - even Rich Hughes, who showed up with flyers that read; "Republicans for Fleischmann". Those are the only Republicans that I consider human.

OK - here's the next important project in my life. I am determined to become:


First off, what kind of a crazy bitch divorces a Beatle???!! What the hell was she thinking? Paul, I would never do that to you. I would milk the sheep, walk the cows, brush your hair and have even more of your children. And hey, guess what?? I'm left handed!!! So all of our kids would be too! You could not ask for a more perfect soul mate! I don't care if you beat me over the head with rolled up sheet music and your gold records, whatever you want - you wrote "Hey Jude" - it's ok.

Think about it Paul....


May 8, 2006

Just booked a 10 day vaca in Seattle. Never been but looks like it's beautiful. Am doing research on clubs - hoping to get some gigs there. Took a road trip to Edinsboro, PA last weekend to see Henry Rollins. Fucking great show. I reccomend you either buy his books or if you can watch his show on IFC on Saturdays. Right up there with Bill Maher's.


April 17, 2006

Hope your Easter was as happy as family get togethers can be.
Can't afford the UK again this year so am thinking about Seattle and Vancouver and if I can book some gigs there as well as sight see.
Have never been to either and they both look like beautiful places to see.
Any suggestions? [email protected]


March 22, 2006

This guy has got to be president.

Anyone who goes after the major label bitches and exposes them for what they are - crap- is A-OK in my book.

PAYOLA, EVERYWHERE! RADIO CHAIN NAMED IN PAYOLA LAWSUIT New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has filed suit against one of the nation’s leading radio chains, alleging that company illegally traded "air time" for payments.

The suit against Entercom Communications Corp. is the latest in Spitzer's probe of "payola" in the entertainment industry.

Last year, two major record labels agreed to halt the practice, adopt sweeping reforms and pay fines.

Entercom is the first company to be sued as part of the probe.



I’m back! First, “Iowa” was chosen to be part of Unique Compilation Series Program 8 CD due to be released the first week in April.

Second, my music was turned down by Coke and another management firm said they don’t want me on their roster!!

A grand old Fuck you to both of the above!

Where the hell is Spring?

-Kathy and the world’s first Supermodel cat, Aretha.

Feb 3 2006

Well, from what I heard, the groundhog saw it's shadow and I guess that means another six weeks of winter. Evidently, this groundhog is a republican who is not recognizing Global Warming and the fact that it was 55 degrees today in New York.

Anyhow, my song, "Dreaming European" received airplay again on Wednesdays, 8-10pm CT (2:00AM GMT) - thank you program director Annette Conlon.

Also jsut found out that I will be on the "Netshows Compilation CD" - will fill you in on more info as I get it.

Aretha and I are going to watch 2001 Space Odessy because we've both never seen it - we're ashamed to admit as we are both Stanley Kubrick fans.

Take care!

Jan 29 2006

Hi - sorry for the "full of myself" post that's following - I just found out that one of my photos is featured in the winter 2006 edition of the e-zine,, online Jan 31.

The photo was taken on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I'm not sure if they're using the one taken of the Dakota or Strawberry Fields.

Hey I'm not done spewing yet!!! Aaron Childs, host of Free Radio spun "Travellers" for his show on 1/18 - 1/19. Bless you Aaron!!!

That's it for now!
-Kathy and Aretha

Jan 14 2006

Hi! Remember Me?

I'm still here though have taken a little time off to write some new songs and learn some new covers. Meanwhile, thanks to KUSU, Utah Public radio for playing "14th Floor" on their program, "Fresh Folk". Also, I have someone representing me at the Midem Music Conference in France which is taking place next week, so maybe something will come out of that. Cross your fingers!

Stay warm!

love Kathy and Aretha the heating blanket cat

Dec 10 2005

My fab web girl, Leila Anne, just updated and gave my photos section a new makeover. Please check it out when you have a moment to see her wonderful work.

I went to Strawberry Fields for the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's murder. In past years it wasn't the media circus that it was this time. The cops were moving us along so quickly.

In my opinion, they should have been elsewhere fighting crime in as opposed to being there. No one at Strawberry Fields were going to push, fight or kill each other. John was an advocate for peace and those who missed him just wanted to pay their respects, not burn down Central Park. Anyhow, once you got past the cops, it was the usual solidarity - everyone singing Beatle songs and John's songs. It was joyous and uplifting yet melancholy.

John Lennon was a brilliant songwriter. He was also a pacifist who was not afraid to speak his mind and did so not to jump on celebrity bandwagons or for MTV horseshit. He was someone the world is desperately in need of in these days.

Dec 7 2005

23 years since John Lennon was brutally taken from us. I plan on going to Strawberry Fields tonight to take some pictures, sing Beatles songs with the rest of my Beatles family and hope John is doing as well as he can be,

Additions to new Playlists:
Dean Saliba, Station Manager from Tapp Out Radio ( has listened to the tracks that I submitted and he has added them to their playlist. Tapp Out Radio is a request-based station. This means that listeners can tune in and request any music that is on the playlist, so come on guys - help me out here!

I am also one of the artists featured on 'NetteRadio Playlist & Updates this week - 12.07.05 playing "Eyes like Natalie Wood" from my "Unresolved" CD. This week is also Nette RAdio's very FIRST show on 247 Radio On Air ( and BCNI.FM (!!

This is very exciting for them at NetteRadio and all of the artists as it gives us so much more exposure.

Hey!!! Go to ther image section - my webchick loved the page long time and did an asskicking work of the image section!

till next time
Happy Xmas War is Over if you Want it.

Dec 1 2005

Had the root canal of all root canals yesterday - I am going to have to cancel tonight's Nebraska gig as my mouth feels like it just got napalmed. Nov 13 2005

Hi! Got my music played on some net stations this week!

First is Tyrus Music Group who added Robbing Peter, Spinning, and Travelers for on The TIR on
Chad from Tyrus also sent a really nice note saying that they’re also playing it in their office! Thanks Chad and Tyrus people!

'NetteRadio is a weekly 2-hour internet radio show that is dedicated to promoting unsigned women musicians. Hosted by Annette Conlon from Dallas rock band Eden Automatic, the show broadcasts live each Wednesday night, 9-11 EST ( This week, Annette chose “Dreaming European” as one of the songs on her set list. She’s in Seattle this weekend at the Rockgrrl Music Festival where she’s got 30 of my cd’s as well as a bunch of other indiegrrls that she’ll be promoting. Thanks Annette!

-Kathy and Aretha (who’s waiting patiently for her turkey….)

November 5, 2005

From Tom Cavanagh - Bent Pussycat Records

The Bent Pussycat Xmas is Scheduled for release sometime next week and features Kathy Fleischmann, Diana Schimkus, PE5, The Crusher, Tom Cavanagh, Dana Julia Vass, Dee Harris, Three Man Rush, Louis Carroll and more (that means I can't remember at this moment).

This will be the largest distribution we have ever had for a Xmas cd and we will be getting radio play from about 52 stations and will be on sale in about 2 dozen stores.

November 2, 2005

Hello Peeps!

I'm patting myself on theback as I write this:

"We're writing to tell you that your song 'Dreaming European' by Kathy Fleischmann has been chosen for our Song of the Day on Friday 04 Nov 2005.
This will expose your music to all the members of, and as well all our additional daily visitors we get each day from the 'Media Guide' section of Windows Media Player. "

whoo -hoo!!! Love,


October 22, 2005


Finished recording "Less than Love" for the Bent Pussycat Christmas Compilation. Depressing song yet I think you'll get it.

Right now my good friends in South Florida are hoping they've bought enough water and batteries for Wilma. They are in my prayers tonight - and while this in in the words of a backsliding Catholic, I truly hope my freinds as well as the rest of the population are ok there and make it out without any loss or injury.

I went through Hurrican Andrew - we made it out just fine but so many others didn't. But then again - Florida's Govener Jeb Bush is the brother of the gallactically stupid George Bush - so, you know what? No worries- it's all locked down.

-Kathy and Aretha Love,


October 19, 2005


Going in the studio to record Christmas song tonight for Bent Pussycat Records. Still not sure how to play it. This will be a crap shoot. Love,


October 10, 2005


I'm contributing to the Bent Pussycat Christmas Compilation this year - missed last year - for the third time. Went back and forth over the lyrics - I hate Christams songs that are about the obvious and mundane - opening gifts that suck, fighting the crowds and pretending you like people you hate. I would much rather write a song about drinking too much eggnog, getting piss drunk and fucking up a stranger in the ladies room I picked a fight with. So, I orginally wrote a song called "Everyday was Xmas" which was about life before the AIDS crisis and how much worryfree fun you could have back in the 70's and very ealry 80's - but I scrapped it because I thought the chorus sounded too familar. Then I wrote a tune called "To Hell with Xmas" which is about how screwed the world is since Bush bought his way back into office and how we'd better not focus too much on the holidays because as a nation, there are much larger fish to fry, thanks to idiot right-wing mongoloids currently in office. But the song came out lyrically clunky - it's not easy to find a word that rhymes with idiot.

So, on to the one I will be recording - "Less than love" - which is about how the holidays makes people sweep their true feelings under the rug and put on the phony face and kiss people you wouldn't ordinarily shake hands with.

Will keep you posted on the recording sessions and CD availability. Love,


August 29, 2005


After much embarrassment and a few people pointing this out to me, I realize the news section has not been updated in about a year. So, here's some for you: I went to England again this summer for another mini tour. Played some clubs, met some wonderful people and would move there in a heartbeat. Pics will be uploaded soon.

David Wimble. Editor of Indie Bible has used one of my photos to make a banner for the Indie Bible under one of the folk listings. You can view the banner at:

A link to the Indie Bible website is on my website. If you're a musician, it's invaluable. And, no, I'm not just saying that because my picture is on a banner.

DJ Kjell Andreassen of Denmark's RADIO HOLSTEBRO 97,4 MHZ, CABLE 89,0 MHZ has added my song "Temporary Man," to his blues playlist. You can hear the show at:

I have been playing steadily on Long Island, NYC and the very quirky but friendly Williamsport, PA and will continue to do so.

I will be a featured artist on the NYC based magazine, Art Revolutionaries - will update as to what issue that will be in. I was interviewed for "Unsigned" magazine this past spring, please visit to read article:

I am currently working with an indie store in Chicago currently who will be selling my CD's.

I am planning to go in the studio in spring 2006, all of this rides on finances!

OK, I've finished patting myself on the back and promise to keep this updated!

Thanks for reading!



October 3, 2004


I am getting some more airplay in Belgium for "Unresolved". The tracks, 5 O'Clock Shadow and Closure - are in rotation on the station:


September 15, 2004


If you missed me on Rob Sherman's "Woody's children" from 90.7 WFUV last sunday, you can still hear it on the archive. click or cut and paste the link below.


May 17, 2004

Sorry it's been awhile since I've written!  I've been crazy busy. Some great news! I'm touring in England. I'll be posting my tour diary and pictures when I get back!  Until then, you can read my press release.


February 9, 2004

Hello There!

Just a lil' news...
The Estrogen Nation is a smorgasbord of female musicians slightly under the radar, heard every Monday afternoon (3-5:45pm) on WRFL 88.1 FM in Lexington, KY hosted by Anna Creech. WRFL is a commercial-free radio station on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. playlist - Estrogen Nation - -2/9/2004

Kathy Fleischmann | Unresolved | Robbing Peter
Playlist - Estrogen Nation - 02/02/2004
Kathy Fleischmann | Unresolved | Lyrics to a Song
Playlist - Estrogen Nation - 01/26/2004
Kathy Fleischmann | Unresolved | Robbing Peter

January 2, 2004

Hey Folks!

Just some quick news! IOWA is stilll receiving airplay on:
WEEK : 51
17. "Iowa" - Kathy Fleischmann (Bent pussycat records)

January 1, 2004

"Unresolved" will be spotlighted here at Whole Wheat Radio on Tuesday, January 6th at 10:00 am Alaska time!

Here's a table to help you find out what time that will be in your time zone:

Eastern Time = Tuesday, January 6th at 2:00 pm
Central Time = Tuesday, January 6th at 1:00 pm
Mountain Time = Tuesday, January 6th at 12:00 pm
Pacific Time = Tuesday, January 6th at 11:00 am
Alaska Time = Tuesday, January 6th at 10:00 am

They also have an active and eclectic listener chat that you might want to visit during the broadcast just to say "Hello!" to listeners. Here is the information needed to access the broadcast and visit the website:

The main website is at:
Chat is at:
Lowspeed Listening Line:
Highspeed Listening Line:
To Request Your Music: Request Kathy Fleischmann

October 2, 2003

Hey Folks!

A little interesting reading...
PROGRAM : KAOSFM - World Underground Music Show

WEEK : 38
01. "Traveled" - Andy Walo (REQUEST FROM: gomez)
02. "Coming home to love" - Coming of age (ZOO / EHK)
03. "Edgar Wallace" - The criminal Crew (MCK Records)
04. "One track mind" - Andy Earle (rootetoot records)
05. "The whole worlds gone bananas" - Donna Roe (Caprice / EHK)
06. "Standup" - Kingdom (Caprice / EHK)
07. "Mexico UFOs" - UFO Jim (Caprice EHK)
08. "Peace of mind" - Sid (Independent)
09. "Broken Girl" - Clutter (Caprice / EHK)
10. "Woman in the moon" - Von Marie (KMA / EHK)
11. "Marie" - Lenahan (Clandestine Records)
12. "False ID" - Watcher (Watch / EHK)
13. "Bricks" - Sid (Independent)
14. "Ek Ladki Ko Dekha" - Kumar Sanu (MRA)
15. "Cast off" - Louden Swain (3 Car Wreckords)
16. "Pop star Massacre" - I Hip (Caprice / EHK)
17. "Iowa" - Kathy Fleischmann (Bent pussycat records)
18. "Islands in the storm" - Lenahan (Clandestine Records)
19. "Walkin in the street" - Joyce Mere (Independent)
20. "Hare Krishna" - Asha Bhosie (MRA)
21. "Sikandar" - Asha Bhosie (MRA)
22. "Ave Maria" - Christina Linhardt (Independent)
23. "Ths sad last days of Elvis Aaron Presley" - The miss alans (ZOO / EHK)
24. "No concept" - Watcher (Watcher / EHK)
25. "State of grace" - The miss alans (ZOO / EHK)

August 13, 2003


Some info...
'Nette Radio
Wednesdays, 8-10pm CST on
2 Kathy Fleishman - Bluer than Chicago


August 5, 2003


Just a quick note to let you guys know that I have been added to the playlist Dan Herman's Crystal Blue Internet Radio show. Visit for archived shows.


July 16, 2003

Hey Folks!

Check out -- you can request me! Here's what they wrote:

Just letting you know that we are still playing your music along with many other tallented artists. The show can now be heard for free at a lower quality feed if you go to Tell your fans they can request your music by IMing me using AOL. Yahoo, or MSN messengers (screen name is Bumpskey). Don't forget we love to have bands over to play live and do interviews if you are interested.

June 22, 2003

Hey People!

All the way from Spain:
"Hello from Spain.
I found you on CD BABY web site.
I am sending this message because I am always looking for independent artists or bands for my radio program at a local FM station, where since 14 years by now I host a show. The Station does not have still a web site.
The program is oriented to an adult audience.
The name of the show is "La Otra Musica", and I broadcast songwriters, smooth jazz, new instrumental, alternative, country, americana, folk, light jazz, etc.
I would like know if you consider interesting send promo copie of your CD for use in the program. I will pleased to announce on the program your address where the listener can check your bio and buy the CD is they are interested.
Thanks and I hope hear from you soon

J.L. Bueno

and then one week later ...

quot;Thanks a lot for you send me your wonderful CD that is perfect for the show. Please be sure I will play¡¡
all the best
J.L. Bueno"

June 23, 2003

Hey All! Check out what wrote to me!
We love your 2 cds! We have played the whole thing on And it is now in luver's you are often on luver!

When you have more stuff [old or new], send it to luver!"

June 20, 2003

Hey yous!  Just thought you'd like to know that my latest CD, Unresolved, is second on WUSB's Top 10 Local CDs for May 2003!  Thanks so much you guys!


June 16, 2003

Hey, how are you!?

Just some horn tooting!  Check out my first review at:
My reveiw is the 6th one down. More news to come shortly.

May 14, 2003

I have been recently added as a substitute hostess for LT1-TV - a cable show devoted to local artists. This week my first show airs with the Defibrillators as the guests. This Friday I am taping another show with guests Christine Vaskas and Tom Cavanagh.

May 10, 2003

May issue of Aural Fix features me on cover as well as a story about the CD release party and the LIMC birthday parties. Copies available at most music stores and clubs on the Island

Mike Ferrari for President!

February 26, 2003


Just a few quick notes on what's been going on!

I will be recording one of Kevin McLeod's songs on February 26th at Cloud 9 Studios in Islip for an upcoming Defestano and McLeod CD.

I am being interviewed for a segment for LIMCTV on March 8th -- air date TBD.

My CD is in the final stages and is currently being recorded at
Bent Pussycat Studios in Levittown.

Local artists playing on my project include:  Kevin McLeod, Dave Issacs, Rich Spohn and Steve Ward.

Every Monday, Rich Hughes plays DJ from 3 to 6:30AM on the Local Insomniac Music show broadcast live on WUSB 90.1 FM.

You can also hear it on the mp3 webstream on the WUSB website at

Rich only plays local music. If you would like to see past play lists, visit the website at Love, Kathy

December 27, 2002

Hope you all had wonderful holidays!!!  Just a quick note to say that I am very happy to announce that I am switching recording studios and will be finishing my project (FINALLY!!!) at Bent Pussycat Recording Studios with the very talented Tom Cavanagh engineering.

Have a GREAT New Year!!!


December 8, 2002


Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!  I'm slowly but surely finishing up my newest CD, but for now, check out one of my newest songs featured on A BentPussycat Christmas Vol 3 called Mystery of the Midwest!

Love, Kathy

October 18, 2002 Hey! Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote -- my day job keeps me busy!  
My image gallery and music pages have been updated, so go take a look! 
Latest news, I'm training to run in the NYC Marathon on November 3, 2002!
Lastly, I just finished a taping of three songs for the soon to be aired show LIMusic TV!!!

Thanks for visiting my site, for the support and for coming to my gigs!

June 12, 2002

My image gallery is nearly complete and should be done within the next two days! Thanks for being so patient.

If you'd like me to e-mail you when the gallery is finished, or would like to see a small sample of pictures now, send me an e-mail: [email protected]

June 4, 2002

Radio U 101.9 FM at University of Costa Rica informed me that my CD was in the top 3 of 50 recently received. My music will also go into rotation on a radio station in Queanbeyen, NSW on QBN-FM 96.7

Thanks to all of you who send me e-mails supporting and loving my music -- I appreciate and love each and every one of them!

June 2, 2002 Vote for me as "Queen of the Scene"! You've been to my gigs, bought my CDs and heard me on the radio! Vote for me as your favorite female Long Island musician/singer by mailing a postcard to:

Queen of the Scene
P.O.Box 6054
North Babylon, NY 11703

Only one vote per household and entries must be postmarked by June 15th!

May 28, 2002

Hey! I'm currently recording my soon to be released CD at SoundMovesStudio. A rough cut was recently pressed and I'm in the process of refining the final cut and choosing the single.

While my site has a new look, I'm still doing major reconstruction -- there will be a great image section with images from my gigs, me with my great friends, me with celebs and even a shot of me at Niagra Falls! Additionally, I'll have a more detailed music section with lyrics and everything!

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon for more updates, or e-mail me at: [email protected] if you'd like to join my e-mail list for performance dates and up-to-date news!