If you would like me to add a link to your site, shoot me an e-mail at: mailto:[email protected] !
Red Cross          http://www.redcross.org

Recovery from the devastation of hurricane Katrina is going to take alot of money and time - and very little of this will come from the Bush Administration as we have witnessed through his typical slow and indifferent reaction to getting aid to those hit hardest in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama - please click on the above site and donate whatever you can - it will go directly towards those who desperately need it.

You can also help by going to CDBaby.com where you can purchase my CD's as well as many other artists who are donating all profits to helping those unfortunate people in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

After most of the people have been aided and rescued in coastal and inland Louisiana and Mississippi, FEMA and other officials on-site will allow certified animal rescue workers into the affected areas. Pets left behind, animals in shelters, horses and livestock still alive will receive direct aid and rescue from these organizations:

The ASPCA Disaster Relief Fund           http://tinyurl.com/bx2wd

The American Humane Society and Disaster Relief Teams
Acoustic Hour          http://www.acoustichour.com/

Indiana County's Original voice for local and regional artists and musicians. Along with featuring their music, they also offer an opportunity in which they interview musicians and give them the chance to guest host. The program is on Sunday from 9-10am - WCCS 1160AM.
Audiodependence          http://www.audiodependence.com

"Our Mission ...
Our aim is to showcase selected artists from all over and help to promote their talent.

We believe each artist deserves to have their work heard and promoted so that independent artists will not be forced into retirement.

We are here to see that music as an art form is nurtured.... and not heard only if it meets the criteria set forth by a commercial conglomerate."
Audio Recording Center          http://www.audio-recording-center.com

Good sound advice for the independent music maker.  Includes helpful articles, a well organized Links section, and other useful resources.
Aural Fix          http://www.auralfix.com/

All local music paper run by the master himself; Mike Ferrari
(I am also a writer for the paper!)
Paula Beiter          http://www.pct.edu/wptc

Paula's show airs every Saturday 1:00-3:00pm at 88.1 WPTC. The only program of it's kind on the statio, plays mostly folk or singer/song writers with a focus on independent female artists. The station can also be heard streaming on the web.
Bumpskey          http://www.bumpskey.com

Great resource for independent artists! Independent music played non-stop 24 hours a day.
CD Baby          http://www.cdbaby.com

Derek Silvers runs this and he's the Indie-God.  Great tips for musicians and great indie music for music lovers.
Deep Down Productions          http://www.deepdownproductions.com

A site that offers on-line CD sales, recordings services, music production and digital editing from all over the world -- including countries like Armenia, Balkans, Brazil, Bulgarian Kava, Gamelan, Mongolia, and New England.
Dirpedia.com          http://www.dirpedia.com

A combination of a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory.
Down State NY Blues          http://www.downstatenyblues.org

Organized by Deborah Dunn, this site features the scoop on blues artists, gigs and news as well as their own blues radio station, which, by the way, jsut added yours truly to their playlist.
Falun Gong          http://www.fofg.org

Falun Gong is one of a variety of Chinese health and spiritual methods practiced in over 60 countries, particularly in China. Since July of 1999 communist officials, most notably Party head Jiang Zemin, have campaigned to "eradicate" Falun Gong and any support for it among the Chinese people or foreign governments. Their actions include imprisonment and torture for those who partake in this peaceful method of physical and mental exercise. This website gives up-to-date information about the current struggle surrounding this issue and ways to become involved and help.
This site contains free downloadable books and materials about Falun Gong.
Free Press          http://action.freepress.net

Free Press is a national nonpartisan organization working to increase informed public participation in crucial media policy debates, and to generate policies that will produce a more competitive and public interest-oriented media system with a strong nonprofit and noncommercial sector.
The Garrison Project          http://www.garrisonproject.com

Upbeat, snappy, immediately catchy and grabbing spunky poprock; even the dog will be wagging his tail in time.  (From CDBaby.com)
Guitar Tab Books          http://www.guitartabbooks.com

Professional guitar instructor Scott Morris' site which is dedicated to all guitar players and students at all levels.  Videos and books for his teaching methods also available.
Guitar Tabs Chords           http://www.guitartabschords.com

Guitar tab and chord finder -- A site where you can learn guitar, get free online lessons and chord charts, as well as find tabs, lyrics, music gear, and MP3's.
HereAndThere.net           http://www.hereandthere.net

Michael Sullivans online music/current affairs magazine with info on both indie and non-indies.
Impeachapalooza           http://www.www.impeachapalooza.org .com

This is a site dedicated to educating and raising awareness of the necessity of impeaching George W. Bush and his partner in crime, Dick Cheney. It is also about raising public awareness of 3rd Party alternatives to corrupt "Republicrat" candidates.
IndieBible.com/icb           http://www.indiebible.com/icb

The Indie Bible shows you where to get your Music Reviewed, your Songs Played, and your CDs Sold! Now in its Sixth Edition, The Indie Bible has 316 Pages of Valuable Contacts and Informative Articles - the only bible you'll need. (depending on how religious you are.)
IndieGuitarists.com/icb           http://www.IndieGuitarists.com/icb

Founded by Toronto indie musician, Monica Yonge, this site is dedicated to promoting independent guitar players not currently signed with any of the major record companies which also offers free services including a weekly Mp3 play list and free listings.
Is On Live Radio          http://www.isonliveradio.com

Is On Live Radio produces weekly content for radio stations all around the world, highlighting and playing the best in new, independent music. Formed in 1997 to promote music from down under, we have steadily grown to include the promotion of all independent music world wide and become a very real and respected player on the international music scene.
Mark Kerr's Internet Radio Program           http://www.markkerrltd.com/bluesnation.htm

Features blues music including mine!
KozmicBlues.net          www.kozmicblues.net

The ultimate Janis tribute page by Halley Deverstern and Jon Sobel.
Austin Kuebler          http://www.austinkuebler.com

With strains of Dylan, Neil Young, REM and Uncle Tupelo flowing through this music, Austin has built a body of work which includes 50-plus songs.
Live 365          http://www.live365.com/stations/aaronchilds

Hosted by Aaron Childs - his show is Free Radio Jackson on Live365.comand and he plays blues, rock, jazz, alternative, electronica, and roots rock/americana/etc. Major label and INDIE as well - great guy - great selection of music.
The Local Music Directory          http://www.localmusicdirectory.com

Trevor Lyman, President and founder of The Local Music Directory, created this site to bring Indie Musicians to the forefront of the online movement.
Luver          http://www.luver.com

LUVeR is home to people well-known in their field of music, poetry, activism, sex, visual art, and the disabled movement... (from Luver.com)
Kevin Mcleod          http://www.mcleodmusic.com

Kevin Mcleod -- LI based singer/songwriter who happens to be on my latest CD and who's latest CD I happen to be on. Also 1/3 of Buddha Box.
Mind of Brian          http://www.mindofbrian.com

Great site where Brian rants "about whatever the hell" he wants.
Patti Morrone          http://www.pattimorrone.com

Beautiful person, beautiful singer/songwriter with a voice that is a blend between Judy Collins and Peggy Lee.
Music Horror Stories          http://www.musichorrorstories.com

Music Horror Stories, a collection of stories, one written by your's truly, is available for purchase.  Check out these intriguing insights on my personal experiences in the music industry!
MyHitFactory           http://www.myhitfactory.com

the leading A&R tip lead sheet for songwriters, music publishers and record producers.
My Music Job          http://www.mymusicjob.com

A free, full featured music industry jobsite.
Net Radio          http://www.netteradio.com

NetteRadio is a weekly 2-hour internet radio show that is dedicated to promoting unsigned women musicians. From piano to punk - it's great music by fabulous females.
James O'Malley          http://www.jamesomalley.com

This seasoned folk performer has appeared with Caroline Herring, Buddy Mondlock, and Janis Ian along with many other talented artists. Through the years James has performed at such notable venues as Gerde's Folk City, Carnegie Recital Hall, New York City's Town Hall, radio stations WUSB and WBLI and on the college coffeehouse circuit, from New York to Tennessee, from Michigan to South Carolina.
Online Folk Festival          http://www.onlinefolkfestival.com

On the Online Folk Festival, you'll hear healthy doses of traditional folk, folk/rock Celtic, singer/songwriter, Afropop/worldbeat, folk/rock, folk/pop, cajun/zydeco, bluegrass, country, guitar music and more - it's just like a regular folk festival, but without all the sweaty people and the overpriced vegetarian food.
Rainbow Songs          http://www.rainbowsongs.com

Music classes for babies and infants aged 0-4 years.  Children sing familiar songs, learn new ones, join a marching band, and jam with instruments.  There are several locations in the Toronto area.
Recording Connection          http://www.recordingconnection.com

An established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers.  I like their Musician's Junction where you can find artists or be found.
Seashore Music          http://www.myspace.com/seashoremusic

Run by Joe Cullity, Anna and Eve, SeaShore Music currently coorediantes all acoustic shows at the Internet Cafe in Red Bank, New Jersey, and several other shows up and down the Jersey Shore.
Squelchers          http://www.squelchers.com

One of the projects by the brilliant Rat Bastard (aka Frank Falestra)
Hank Stone          http://www.geocities.com/birdarise2002

A songwriter comfortable in folk, rock, and blues, but always with a pop sense. Never forget the hook!
Links for Tsunami Disaster:
Donate to Tsunami Relief          http://www.catholicrelief.org/
Tsunami Disaster Updates          http://www.mercycorps.org/
Red Cross          http://www.redcross.org/
Tsunami Aid          http://www.worldvision.org/

Writers Against War          http://www.writersagainstwar.com /

A humanitarian, non-profit publication, was created in memory of the infants, children, mothers, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandfathers - people like you and me - whose lives have been cut short by the use of war, any war, as conflict resolution.