For the inspirational music provided by Kathy Fleischmann and Forever Falling tonight at the Picses Cafe. I thank everyone for making me feel welcomed and at ease...Great performances.


Joe Strain

I loved it! "Eyes Like Natalie Wood" and "Iowa" are my two favorites, but "Spinning" is a close second. The songs all flow one into the other beautifully and it's a really great musical journey. I like to listen to the whole thing at once - kind of like a novel/story. "Iowa" just has a great feel to it - makes you perk up and bounce along and sing along instantly. Your voice songs strong and clear and the acoustic guitar work is very nice

-Dene Marie

Beautiful as always…..

Siren songs as always…..

The heart of an angel… always

And I have played it twice and imagined your sweet voice invading my senses once again…..

-David Priol, Australia

"Your writing, singing & playing are just beautiful & just finished listening to Unresolved & WOW! Everything & everyone who pitched in are perfect! "

-Frank Walker Spoonwalk

Last week when the whole gang left Bar B, I stayed on to hear the woman who came up to perform after Jay. Her name is Kathy Fleishmann and she is excellent. Her lyrics are beautiful; her voice gorgeous; and she has a well-seasoned relaxed stage presence that only comes with years of being comfortable with her guitar."

- Bonnie B

Just have to tell everyone I truley enjoyed Kathy's performance last week at the Pisces Cafe last Saturday. Had to take home her CD just to continue the pleasure of hearing her sing. Excellent CD too. Great musicians and singers with her.

Tom (Kelpster-ilk)

Really like your voice on Down Syndrome. Good transition to Concrete Blankets, songwise and vocally. Very '70's (near & dear to me). Liked Times Up. Takes me back to Rubber Soul. Manhattan: nice tribute. Said it all.

-Garrison White

Hi Kathy,

I'm a friend of Kevin's (McLeod) and he recently lent me a copy of Unresolved and I just had to send you a quick note to say how much I like it. Travelers is a little too country for me (I have issues with country music), but all the rest are really well written and beautifully performed. It's hard to pick out a favorite because they are all so good, but 14th floor, Robbing Peter, Bluer and Closure are front runners. I'm even getting drawn into the lyrics, which I usually tend to ignore. Also, I love your performance on "Give Love" off of Kevin's CD.

Great work!

Hi kathy! just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that i really enjoyed your preformance last sat gave me a new appriciation for MY DOWN SYNDROME. I've listened to the new cd twice. its GREAT! can't get IOWA out of my head. 14th floor, what a song! My son greg loved ROBBING PETER and commented about it during and after your performance. BLUER THAN CHICAGO only confirms your ability as song writer/singer/performer. after having said all that you kill me with LYRICS TO A SONG. ITS JUST A GREAT JOB THAT YOU'VE DONE HERE! I'M LOVING IT ALLLLLLLLLL. When i first saw you perform at the cafe in the city, (last summer) i enjoyed your give and take with the crowd. You seemed very relaxed and confident in your music. i was hoping that you would put MISTERY OF THE MIDWEST ON THIS CD, another really great song. by the way MANHATTAN ALWAYS PUTS ME RIGHT IN FRONT OF THAT VERY GOTHIC BLD ON CENTRAL PK WEST. Your a great writer, (i've thought this girl must have gone to catholic school) singer/performer. I hope that you stay at it FOREVER! so i can continue to be inspired by your talent. don't ever doubt yourself. thank you very much!